Should you be buying or selling investment properties?


A quarter of private landlords are looking to sell at least one property over the next year, according to recently published research.  Of almost 2,500 landlords who responded to a survey carried out by the Residential Landlords Association (RLA), just over 25 per cent said that they were planning to sell at least one property over the next year, the highest proportion since the RLA started asking this question regularly in 2016.

The same survey showed that 23 per cent of landlords reported an increase in the demand for rental property over the previous three months, with 57 per cent reporting it to be stable.

The results come following the publication of Government data earlier this year which found that that 10 per cent of private landlords representing 18 per cent of tenancies plan to decrease the number of properties they rent out, whilst five per cent of landlords, plan to sell all of their properties.

If you fall into this category, remember Pace has considerable experience in buying and selling investment properties, including buildings with particular issues such as subsidence or damp.  Call us today on 01702 445 600 to discuss your options and we’ll give you our professional, unbiased advice. 


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