South East Alliance of Landlords, Agents & Residents

SEAL was initially formed to coordinate a response to Southend-on-Sea Borough Council’s plans to introduce Selective Licensing.

SEAL has now entered into a new and formal partnership with the Council to improve the management and standard of accommodation within privately rented properties, and reduce anti-social behaviour (ASB) throughout SEAL managed properties. SEAL will be responsible for reporting its progress to the Council’s Community Services and Culture Scrutiny Committee and as a result of this partnership, Selective Licensing has been indefinitely postponed.

What has SEAL achieved:

  • Reduced homelessness and evictions through mediation
  • Resolved many property complaints
  • Reduced the number of Environmental Health Office visits
  • Raised property standards & associated values across Southend
  • Reduced incidences of fining landlords, by resolving property issues.



Working for Landlords & Agents:

If we as landlords and agents fail to regulate and police ourselves, then the Council will pursue the licensing of all the let properties throughout the Borough of Southend on Sea, and a substantial fee will be charged. The proposed amount in the Consultation Documents was £600 per property.

By joining you will not only be indicating to your tenants that you operate at the highest standards, but you will be part of a unique partnership with the Council. This will provide you with a great deal of additional benefits.

Working for Tenants & Residents:

Through its diverse membership of landlords, agents and residents, SEAL represents thousands of residential rented properties in the Southend-on-Sea area.

SEAL has been formed to provide a facility in which Landlords, Agents and Residents can work together with relevant local authorities to address issues relating to rented accommodation throughout the Borough.

SEAL will strive to improve mutual cooperation with relevant local authorities, maintain high standards and address problems with residential rented accommodation throughout the Borough of Southend-on-Sea.

SEAL will work together with local authorities and relevant organisations to identify, and where legally possible, combat anti-social behaviour in the Borough. Members will receive a SEAL Members Pack containing guidance information and standard forms, to support members in attaining the standards listed in the Code of Conduct.

The SEAL Code of Conduct

SEAL has created Codes of Conduct and objectives for agents and landlords. This benefits not only those landlords who agree to be bound by the code, but of course also tenants of properties owned and/or managed by those landlords or agents.