Whether you’re a landlord, agent, investor or developer, it often feels like no two days are the same in the property industry.  Market volatility and frequent legal updates bring something new each day and we adapt; for us it’s second nature.  However, the challenges brought by Covid-19 have tested us all in different ways.
As we are all aware, the coronavirus continues to spread around the globe impacting the health and wellbeing of entire communities.  Many businesses are being affected and there is an obvious disruption to daily life.  The UK is at the stage where cases are increasing rapidly and the government is expected to announce new restrictions in the coming weeks.
Pace works with UK Government on Universal Credit improvement initiatives The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has established two working parties with the specific aim of understanding and improving the issues around Universal Credit; the first group is for social landlords, the second solely for private sector landlords. Representing the South East
In the past, we have mentioned the new regulations around mandatory electrical safety inspections which will apply to all new tenancies from 1 July 2020.  What this also means is that all existing tenancies will be covered by the regulations from 1 April 2021.  As you know, all landlords are already required to make sure that the wiring and appliances in their properties are safe, but it will soon be a legal requirement for private landlords to have their electrical installations inspected every five years.
With 40% of UK households owning a pet and the number of people privately renting increasing year on year, this is a growing group withing the private rented sector. However, did you know only 7% of landlords will consider allowing pets in their properties?  The Secretary of State recently announced a revision of the Model Tenancy Agreement for shorthold assured tenancies in the private rented sector on 4 January. The revision will make it easier for tenants with pets to find landlords.


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