Block Management Testimonials

We're delighted to be able to include the testimonials below, written by either directors or members of local "Right To Manage" schemes that Pace manages on their behalf. If you would speak to use in more depth about what we can do to help you run your block scheme, please do contact us:

Please telephone and ask to speak to Martin, Mark or Crystal on 01702 445 606.

[The Pace property manager] is also the most experienced on Block Management I have had so far. He lets me know quickly when a tenant or resident has reported a problem. He lets me use my Tradesman which is good as I have a good team for gardening & window cleaning etc. Sometimes we get difficult tenants and he deals with them in a professional manner. He also makes sure that we are up to date with the current legislation which is very helpful to me. I would definitely recommend Mark from Pace for running Block Management to anyone who was considering having their flats run by a Management Company.


Tracy | Residents Association Secretary

I have been dealing with Amanda Arnold for about 6 months and am impressed with her enthusiasm in dealing with [our RTM]. She is bubbly and positive dealing with our everyday queries. She’s on the ball with collecting overdue Service Charges, and when Mark delegates some of the work, I can rely on Amanda to deliver quickly. She is reliable and an asset to Pace and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking to use Pace as their Managing Agent.


Tracy | Residents Association Secretary

I have worked with Pace for seven years and in the last couple of years, Mark has proved to be an excellent Senior Block Manager. Mark has a "can do" attitude, which I really appreciate. Equally, he will describe the limitations of certain projects and ideas based on his wide knowledge of the industry and long experience of initiating ideas and maintaining properties. Mark is a pleasure to work with and is very responsive to the myriad of issues and problems we encounter at our property. Mark's nomination is thoroughly deserved.


Alex | Residents Association Director

Pace have been instrumental in improving the infrastructure and day to day running of Fortune Court. I am happy to recommend them.


Mr Westthorp | Director, Local RTM

Having had many dealings with various block managers over the years I have found PACE (especially Mark) to be the best company by far! Mark is professional, helpful, and most importantly responds to any queries I have quickly and efficiently and gets the job done.


Helen | Residents Association

Very professional and try to do their best for their clients. I have had a number of block Managers come and go, but so far Mark Glover has been the most helpful and unlike other managing agents, he is willing to get his hands dirty.


Donna K | Block Member

Pace have been very hands on in  and invaluable to the process.


Mrs Maddix | Residents Association MD

In my opinion [pace] has been a real credit and asset. I also feel the block has benefited in value as a result of both the RTM being set up in the first place and by Pace themselves ever since.


Mr Healy | Residents Association Member

As the owner of several leasehold properties in Southend, I came up against some demanding freeholders. PACE helped me claim the right to manage or buy the freehold which gave me the control I wanted to keep my properties in prime condition, without it costing a fortune. I’ve always found their staff knowledgeable, helpful and friendly - a pleasure to work with.


Stuart S | Property Investor

As the leaseholder of a flat in a Westcliff block, I have been generally impressed with the quality of service offered by the Block Management Group at Pace. A few years ago, having discovered issues arising with poor and expensive management by the block freeholders, a group of leaseholders approached Pace to assist with setting up a Right To Manage (RTM) company. This took some time, but with their expert guidance and subsequent day to day management, this has now been functioning well for several years with minimal effort required of the RTM directors & leaseholders. As staff have changed, there have previously been some less able, but the current group are all extremely knowledgeable and willing to help. They have manged both the routine operations and emergency actions for the block quickly and professionally.


Steve Dean | RTM Member

PACE has managed my residential portfolio for a number of years and helped me source some of my properties. I had accumulated some freeholder issues over the years and turned to PACE for help. They resolve matters swiftly and I find their calm expertise refreshing. I feel I’ve found a company I can completely rely on to provide help when I need it.


Nick S | Property Investor





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